Monday, January 7, 2013

Manicure of the Week Jan. 7 2013

New obsession! I've been in love with Don't Pretzel my Buttons (OPI) since the Germany collection launched, but honestly I almost always wear dark colors on my finger nails.  That's why it was such a sin when OPI's facebook page posted such a tempting shade today!  I'd never used My Private Jet before, but this photo that they put on their facebook page today made something go off in my brain and I HAD to go buy it.  

Seriously. I put pants on just to go buy a nail polish today.  

So I figured I'd be a little funky and start doing an accent nail again. Normally the accent nail is the one that's brighter, or glittery or has more  of a design so I decided to do things a little backward and I used the dark, sexy, glittery gray-black My Private Jet on every nail except my ring fingers, then on the ring fingers I used Don't Pretzel My Buttons from OPI's Germany collection this past fall.

 The look actually came out pretty vamp and sexy, so I'm excited!  
Woo, flash is fuzzy and you can see my screw ups better.  I need instagram filters or something, man. 

I'm not longer working a job with a strict dress code anymore, so even I'm excited to see how funky my look's going to get in the next few weeks!  I have options!

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