Sunday, December 16, 2012

Putting your money where your mouth is?

So, I'm kind of a make-up snob, but not TOO bad... I don't think, anyway.  But recently I took a huge pay cut going to another job, and I just can't afford to spend $30 on powder foundation anymore.  So, I did a fresh day-face with everything costing less than $10!  I felt so thrifty!

I started with L'oreal's new-er BB cream, the Studio Secrets one, *not* YouthCode.

For eyeliner, I also used L'oreal, their felt tip liquid Lineur Intense.

Blush is Fit Me by Maybelline in medium pink.  I don't think of my skin tone as medium at all, but this is just  right.  It kind of reminds me of Benefit's Sugarbomb boxed blush, but with a little more pop.

Lip gloss is NYX MegaShine in Sugar Pie. I got it at ulta during Bogo 1/2 off,  so it was around $3.

Powder I used was Covergirl/Olay Simply Ageless, and I'm honestly  not a fan.  I hate to say it feels cheap  but that's the only way I can describe it.  It makes me feel kind of  tight/itchy, and I was just using it for the sake of keeping this cheapo.

And finally,

The mascara... oh god, the mascara. Drug store brand or not, it's my new favorite. Something finally ranks higher than BadGal (Benefit), and it's Maybelline. I'm serious. The brush is fab, the formula's light and not stiff or heavy, and it's CHEAP. So cheap! I got Maybelline Volume Express MegaPlush (make sure you get Megaplush, it's got their gel-mousse formula and I think that's what I love about it) for less than $6 at Target.

So there's my attempt at a low-cost day time look.   I'll be totally honest, I haven't found a drug store eyeshadow I like yet.  Maybe when I do we can throw something for evening together?  I'll do a better job keeping you posted.