Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Stinky Little Secret

In beauty blogs or groups, I never really see people talk about deodorant.  Maybe I'm just missing it, but it seems silly that we talk about everything else in our daily routine, but not the fragrant little sticks that take up their own little aisle at Target.  Someone must care about their deodorant fragrance, or we wouldn't bother having so many, right?

So here's your deodorant post, folks.  My mother's fear of alzheimer's has put a strong fear of deodorant in me, so for a long time I've been trying the natural stuff (e.g. The Body Shop's Deodry and Tom's of Maine). However, when I started a new birth control, I began sweating more than I ever had. I've never been a sweaty girl, but this summer my body's gone through some changes and I've been forced to upgrade to the real stuff.

I tried girl deodorant, I promise I did. Dove, Secret, I TRIED.  But I've finally found a nice smelling stick, that I'm almost embarrassed to admit I love.  Ladies, I am in lust with Old Spice Swagger.  After getting frustrated with my last stick of Dove, I decided to give men's deodorant a shot, the Swagger happened to be on sale, and I'm just a cheap girl. The first day I used it, I went to visit a friend, and while he was in the shower I was chilling on his bed and thought his sheets smelled AMAZING... until I got up and realized it was me. The scent is fresh, and honestly not as manly as I thought it would be. It doesn't smell like the peppery Old Spice your dad wore, it's cleaner. Seriously. Give it a try. I'm amazed with it, and I don't think I'm going back to the Dove Lemongrass again.

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  1. My mom and dad actually use the dame deodorant. They make men's deodorant stronger and give them cleaner scents. What they don't realize is, women work just as hard and not all of us want to smell fruity. I prefer a baby powder or fresh scent when it comes to deodorant, I use perfume for a scent so, I don't really care to have my deodorant smell 'girly'.